Radhika EduCare School endeavours to provide a conducive learning atmosphere. Students share the responsibility with the school in enhancing and fostering the learning environment by exercising self discipline. We request students to abide by the following code of conduct:

  • In the School Campus
    • Respect and protect the rights of teachers, students, administrators, and everyone else involved in the educational process.
    • Behave with proper manners and etiquettes and avoid rough or boisterous behavior.
    • Remain silent in the school premises during working hours.
    • Protect and take care of school property.
    • Express ideas and opinions in a respectful manner which does not offend others.
    • Dress and groom so as to meet the uniform standards established by the school.
    • Assist the school staff in running a safe school for all students
    • Not to carry electronic gadgets like mobile, calculator, etc. or any other valuable articles.
    • Take care of their possessions like clothes, books, etc. the school will not be responsible in case of loss of articles.
    • Join the picnics and educational excursions organized by the school.
    • Be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior and abide by them.
  • In the Classrooms
    • Attend school daily and be on time to all classes and other school functions
    • Make up work when absent following established guidelines.
    • Cooperative approach and creating no disturbance in classroom
    • Speak in English in the school campus
  • Absence and Leave Approval
    • No student must remain absent from school without prior permission.
    • In case of illness and requires long absence, necessary intimation should be given by the parents and a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner should be submitted as soon as the student resumes attending the school.
    • A prior leave note is required for absence of your child.
  • In the library
    • Take care of books or other library property
    • Compensate the loss or damage done to the books or other library property.
    • Return the books on due time failing which the student will have to pay the penalty as charged by the librarian.
  • On the sports ground
    • Take care while using sports equipment.
    • Follow the instructions of the Sports Trainer.
    • All Equipment or material to kept back properly.
  • At the mess
    • Reach on time to the mess
    • Take as much as needed no leftover is allowed
    • Habit of eating everything that is served
  • School Fees Rules:-
    • Fees should be paid through cheque only.
    • If the last date of fees falls on a holiday, the next working day will be the last day for the collection of fees.
    • Late fees penalty will be charged separately Rs. 50/- per day.
    • Account having insufficient balance will be charged Rs. 250/- extra (i.e. when the cheque is rejected).
    • If the last date of fee collection falls on a public holiday, the next working day would be the last date of collection.


The holistic development of the child is a combined tripartite effort of School, Parents/Guardians and Child. To materialize the goal of holistic development, sincere endeavour of Parents/Guardians is a must. We request Parent/Guardians to abide by the guidelines so issued by the authority.

  • To cooperate with the school by paying special attention to the punctuality, regularity, discipline, cleanliness and politeness of the child.
  • To refer the school handbook for important message communicated by School.
  • To develop independent study habit in child.
  • To refrain from engaging the child in private tuitions and appoint school teachers as tutors.
  • To observe uniform code and cleanliness as set by the School inclusive of Shoes and Socks.
  • To disallow the child to carry valuable articles to the School like watches, fountain pens, mobile phones, calculators, etc. The School will not be responsible for the loss of these articles
  • To clip short the nails and wear short hair for boys and properly plaited for girls in case of long hair.
  • To inform the School about the medical problem or child disability or chronic illness of the child so as to provide medical attention and exempt them from physical exertion.
  • To mark the possessions like uniforms, sweaters, shoes, water bottles of the child’s name and class properly.
  • To compensate the loss or damage done to the School property by the misconduct of the child.
  • To respect and behave courteously with the teachers and the staff of the School.
  • Not to distribute gifts, sweets and chocolates and invitation cards in the school premises for birthdays.
  • Not to send the child when he/she is suffering from any contagious disease and produce doctor’s certificate in such case.
  • We request you not to enter the classroom during working hours.
  • To notify the School of any changes in their residential address and telephone numbers.
  • To keep in touch with the staff concerning the progress of the child.
  • To familiarize themselves with School rules and explain their child to observe them.


  • Do’s
    • To attend the School regularly
    • To report the School punctually
    • To appear and clear all tests and examinations held by School
    • To behave courteously with the School staff
    • To keep the School premises clean
    • To take care of the belongings
    • To greet teachers, elders and friends and speak politely to them
    • To seek prior permission in case of leave
    • To follow the instructions of the teachers, trainers and School staff
    • To pay due attention in the classrooms
    • To complete the duly assigned work within the allotted time
    • To observe rules and discipline code of the School
    • To communicate in English within School premises
    • To be truthful, honest, helpful and kind
  • Don’ts
    • To disturb or interrupt in the classroom
    • To damage the School property’
    • To eat during the School time apart from the allotted time
    • To behave rudely or indulge in violence of any kind
    • To throw rubbish, paper, etc. in the School campus
    • To shout, whistle or run in the School premises
    • To bring valuables or toys in the School
    • To sub lend the books of library


  1. The request for TC should be submitted in writing.
  2. The school requires 5 working days to comply with all formalities before issue of TC.
  3. TC will be issued only after all dues are cleared (fees, library books etc.).
  4. To claim the refundable deposit, the original of the first fee receipt given by the School should be attached along with TC request form.
  5. The ID cards of the concerned student have to be submitted at the office at the time of collection of TC.
  6. The academic year ends on 31st March.