Teaching Method

Pre Primary Section (Nursery to KG II)

Pre-Primary Learning is informal and done through play-way method using specially designed aids. We focus on development of basic skills like listening, speaking, reading, writing along with gross motor and fine motor skills. Alphabets and numbers are taught using phonetics with interesting activities. Teaching methods are designed to be enjoyable using different ways like stories, songs, role play, visual aids, water-play & field trips which helps them in practical learning.

Primary Section (Grade I to V)

Teaching is tailored to cater different needs of the students by involving them in the learning process to capture their interest through presentation, demonstration and projects. We focus on developing various skills like communication, coordination and manipulative skills through activity based learning. Here we aim to make child an independent learner. We also conduct base building session to strengthen their core concepts in subjects like Math, Science and English.

Upper Primary Section (Grade VI & VIII)

Our curriculum would enable the pupil feel, grasp and explore the course work in strong core academic subjects viz Math, Science, Social Studies and Language along with exposure to Fine & Creative Arts. We try to enhance child’s social, moral and culture values by providing them platform to showcase their ability. Children also show their ability through active participation in Self Study Projects and endeavor to become independent learners.

Secondary Section (Grade IX & X)

This section at RES is academically driven. There is a constant effort to uphold, inculcate, and nurture values and principles that foster holistic development in our students.

In keeping up with the demands for 21st century skills, our instructional practices are designed to provide students with a framework for critical analysis, research skills, collaboration skills and presentation skills. We focus on imparting learning through class room instruction, audio-visual aids, hands-on activities, field trips and excursions, physical education and performing and visual arts.

Students have ample opportunities to explore, fine-tune and exhibit their talents. Our primary objective is to create a challenging, yet supportive learning environment where teachers strive to take into account every child’s learning needs, strengths and areas for improvement by differentiated instruction and assessment.